About Us

Astron - Brief History

Astron Security was established in 1984.
They developed their own wireless intruder detection system.

In the early years security was more of a luxury than a need. The Astron 3000 revolutionised security system technology as there was no need for any cabling, still in use in other conventional systems. This made Astron a market leader. Branches were opened countrywide and the sales sky- rocketed. Astron became a household name and the gold standard in the security industry. 

As crime increased and criminals became more violent, security became a necessity. Advances needed to be made and a new product called Astron 3208 was introduced. This was a hard wired system. Technological advances in intruder detection equipment now made it possible to have a combination of wired and wireless equipment. Some of the Astron branches expanded to include Armed Response division’s .These were eventually sold to larger firms. 

Brief History - Denzil George 

Denzil George has been in the Security Industry for over 20 years. He started off his career as a wire-man and progressed to Technical manager. In 1999 he started his own company. He is trained in every aspect of Intruder Detection Systems from Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Electrified Fencing to external protection.

His company has received a number of accolades:

  • Honourable Reward For Excellence
  • Proactive Award
  • Long Standing Award

Denzil has been trained up in Direct Sales and developed his company to encompass a successful marketing division. This department includes the training of dynamic door to door sales teams and a fully functional call centre.